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NO to The Huffington Post, YES to These Sites That Pay Writers

August 26, 2015
Since I don't have anyone on staff to choose photos and write captions, you'll just have to picture me as Leia and Arianna as Jabba. (I do own the slave bikini, FWIW.)

Since I don’t have anyone on staff to choose photos and write captions, you’ll just have to picture me as Leia and Arianna as Jabba. (I do own the slave bikini, FWIW.)

If I had one wish for today – besides stopping the wild fires, world peace, an end to hunger and poverty and climate change, and maybe the Republican Clown Car driving off a cliff – it would be that everyone stop reading The Huffington Post. Even just for one day, imagine if no one went there, and we made clear on social media that it’s because THEY DON’T PAY WRITERS! They rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, and do not pay writers. Not only does that suck as profoundly as nibbling on Jabba The Hut’s slimy big toe while he strokes your head and calls you “lovey” and jerks your chain (unless you’re in to that,) it has lowered the bar for all publications out there. (Now I am picturing Arianna as Jabba, and I’m regretting that image.)

It has become acceptable to not pay for content, because, you know, HuffPo doesn’t, so that must be the new normal. Exposure is the new currency – it’s also a thing that people die of.  And if you want to compete with HuffPo for ad dollars, you have to tighten your budget somewhere, so you just don’t pay for content. (And promote lots of click-baity articles and viral videos instead of, you know, intelligent content.) Read more…

Nick Symmonds, Nike, and The Corporate Sponsorship of Sports

August 13, 2015
Celia.Huddart at the Olympic Training Center, wearing her favorite Oiselle shorts. She has 3 pairs, because they gave them to her, and they're all she ever wears!

Celia.Huddart at the Olympic Training Center, wearing her favorite Oiselle shorts. She has 3 pairs, because they gave them to her, and they’re all she ever wears!

What Nick Symmonds wears is important. As one of the best in the world at running the 800M, what Nick Symmonds wears is important to his performance and his livliehood. It’s important to his ability to be one of the best, something that he spends a lot of time working on. And it’s important to Brooks, a clothing company that counts on Symmonds’ winning smile to be a brand ambassador for them. All of which he does so well that Nike thinks they should own him outright, now that he COULD be on Team USA. That is, if he was willing to sign a piece of paper saying that he’d no longer be seen wearing Brooks clothing, despite Brooks being the company that supported him to get to this point.

Symmonds doesn’t want to dump Brooks now that he’s achieved what they’ve been working for together. Because Symmonds is not an asshole. Nike? They might be. Or they might see the light. Because Symmonds has brought this all to the mainstream in a big way, by potentially giving up his spot on Team USA, by refusing to give up his right to wear what he wants when he’s not at official team functions.

Go, Nick! Read more…

President Trump Tweets to the World’s Most Powerful Women

August 8, 2015

Let’s imagine for a moment that Donald Trump is president. Picture him in meetings about the international economy, climate change, world peace – or war. Given that past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior, let’s just imagine him talking to the women who lead in the rest of the world.

Because they do. They have for a long time. Much of the rest of the world is, or has been, run by women. Women who, I suspect, would shut this bombastic bully up quite soundly. But let’s just imagine it anyway. And since we’re imagining, let’s not limit ourselves to the here and now. Let’s just look at what kinds of things he might say, given his track record of tweeting about the ladies:

How do you think he would have gotten along with Golda Meir, who was called “Iron Lady” and “the smartest man in the room,” and very likely wouldn’t have taken an ounce of shit from Trump? Read more…

Pride Isn’t What Comes Before The Fall

August 6, 2015
@Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun.

@Celia.Huddart, doing what she does, working hard and having fun.

My daughter and I were driving to one of many appointments that surround her blossoming weightlifting career. We have an early A.R.T. appointment, then a massage, then she has to go work out. Her pursuit of a spot on Team USA is a job. For both of us. It never occurred to me that I might be raising a future Olympian. I never would have even tried for that. It came to us – which, I now know, is how it happens. They find you, not the other way around. They’re like a sporting spy agency, and they have secret agents everywhere. But, that’s not the point.

We do all this because we truly believe that she’s good enough to have a shot. She, more than me even, believes that she can and will make “The Team.”

We were talking about Kendrick Ferris, a lifter who we both “love,” in that way that one loves sports stars they don’t really know at all. (My way is a little dirtier than hers, but neither of us know him, which is the point.) I said something about him seeming like such a nice guy, because he does. And while she agreed, she also said that some people think he’s kind of arrogant.

Which we both agreed is absolutely necessary in order to be as good as he is.  Read more…

7 Ways To Stop Dieting Forever

July 21, 2015
If there's one thing I like to do, it's eat. But I hate to diet. I don't think I ever have, actually.

If there’s one thing I like to do, it’s eat. But I hate to diet. I don’t think I ever have, actually.

I spend all day working with men and women to become as strong as healthy as they can be. If there’s any one thing I can say that’s messing us all up, it’s how we think about food. It’s not just food itself, but the incredible drama, dogma and shame that we have about food.


So let’s make this simple. NO MORE DIETS, ever. Got it?

A diet (unless you’re dealing with a medical condition) is a set of rules that someone else made up, based on generalities, myths and averages, that you have to follow and you will feel bad if you mess up, which will probably feed whatever food-related shame issues you’ve already got. (And we’ve all got them.) It’s not even a lifestyle. That sounds like something that requires a uniform and a special language and a handshake so that you know who else is in “the lifestyle,” and that’s creepy. Read more…

I Assume This Is All There Is

July 11, 2015
Us. While we can be.

Us. While we can be.

This, right here, this moment, I assume that this is all there is. This is as good as it gets. I am in my footie jammies, the ones with the gnomes riding on flamingos. They smell odd, I’m not sure what of. Though I do know that I just poured and entire – and very hot – cup of coffee in the bed with me. Narrowly missing my computer which is good, but meaning that I have to wash all the bedding today, which is approximately my least favorite thing to do. So maybe I won’t. The curtains are still drawn and it is grey out, for which I am grateful. It has been entirely too sunny in Seattle lately, and this is a fact, not something that is up for discussion.

This is as good as it gets. This is all there is. Read more…

Maybe There’s No Such Thing As CrossFit

July 9, 2015
Yoga? Pilates? CrossFit? Or just our own mix of things we believe in? Hard to tell.

Yoga? Pilates? CrossFit? Or just our own mix of things we believe in? Hard to tell.

I get asked, all the time, “What is CrossFit.” I’ve started giving a really simple answer: Nothing.

It’s a word. (A trademarked word, specifically.) It’s a brand. (But a brand without clear definition.) It’s a way of doing things. (But not one way, more like a lot of ways, that are kind of similar, but not really.) It’s a concept. (Well, not really, because it changes so much from person to person.) It’s a group of people who share similar values that are organized and led by a guy named Greg. (Oh, hell no. Fuck no.)

There is not a single move done in a CrossFit gym that CrossFit invented. And CrossFit doesn’t tell us how to design and create workouts. (I have never looked at the CrossFit main site for a workout, and I never will.) Read more…

So, Russell Wilson and Ciara Aren’t Having Sex…

July 8, 2015
This is a Ciara album cover. It really has nothing to do with anything. I'm just hoping that using it is fair use....

This is a Ciara album cover. It really has nothing to do with anything. I’m just hoping that using it is fair use….

Okay, so, Russell Wilson isn’t having sex with his girlfriend, who happens to be Ciara. As unlikely as that seems to me, I can absolutely applaud that. I am 100% down with not having sex if you don’t want to. Maybe 1,000,000,000% down with that. If it’s because YOU don’t want to.

But if it’s because “god” told you to, I’m gonna raise an eyebrow. And if you think you need to lead ANYONE else to do it your way – as opposed to two people on the same path finding each other – then I’m gonna raise a finger to my raised eyebrow and say, “now hold up a minute.”

“Someone else told me to” is NOT a reason to do, or not do, anything sexual. We call that coercion. Even if you believe that someone was “god.” (Spoiler alert, it wasn’t.) And if you think that you need to convince someone else to do it your way, because “god” told you to, well….. That line of thinking has proverbially screwed us all, hard. Read more…

Helping Your Kids Find Fitness, For FUN

July 5, 2015
Celia Huddart Snatch USAWNYC

Celia Huddart, winning a silver medal for Snatch at USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals.

My husband and I own a gym. Our daughter, Celia, has been hanging out there for years. Sometimes she worked out, sometimes she didn’t. But she was around it, watching all sorts of people work hard, in all sorts of ways. We never pushed it one way or another. If anything, I  tried to steer her away from taking fitness too seriously, what with the constant messaging to teenage girls that they should be slim and sexy and….  We just let her hang out there. When she felt like giving it a shot, we simply let her.

Last weekend, she won a Silver Medal at the USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals. I was the last person who expected that, and I sure as hell didn’t push for it.

For years now, parents have been asking me how to get their kids into sports. How to push them towards sports. How to help them be successful at sports.

And I always tell them the same thing: you don’t. Read more…

My Daughter and I at 16…

June 26, 2015
The looks I got when I let her put rainbow stripes in her hair.... But, why not?

The looks I got when I let her, at age 8, put rainbow stripes in her hair…. But, why not?

The summer between my junior and senior year in high school, I was 16 years-old, 2,000 miles from my home in Seattle, and had just discovered both cocaine and the joys of sex. Which, even at that young age, I knew went very well together.

And which will sound odd when I swear to you, up and down and all kind of sideways, that I was a good kid. I was smart and kind and talented and all those things that people tell you about a kid before divulging something seemingly awful, like that they spent the summer doing cocaine and a British boy they met in a bar.

I was terribly unhappy, frightened, angry and desperately in need of change, but I was a good kid. (Like most of the kids you see who are also all of those things, and also a mystery to you.) I was flunking out of school, entirely by choice. My teachers kept telling me how smart I was. I kept telling them to fuck off. Read more…


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