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CrossFit Games Gets Sponsored By A Gun Company, and the comments restore my faith in humanity

July 13, 2016

wp-1468469490910.pngI’m sure I’ll be back soon with a long and scathing commentary about the awfulness of The CrossFit Games getting a sponsorship from Glock, and offering GUNS as prizes to the winners of the Games….

I mean…. WHAT THE FUCK. They combat the public health risk of Coca-Cola, and then give out guns as prizes. Nevermind that there is no connection between fitness and guns. Or that we are, as a country, mourning countless innocent people killed at the hands of yahoos with guns…..

And now, as affiliate owners, we are having this brand association connected to us. As if Dave Castro’s moron programming and endless homophobic, sexist douchebaggery weren’t enough for us to explain. “We’re not like that,” many of us have been assuring people for years. And now this.

I have already had a member ask me how my affiliate fee goes to promote gun violence in this country. WHAT THE FUCK?

I mean, really, there’s so much to say. But I’ll save that for later. Because the point of this is not that this is a jackass stupid move, but, you guys, THE COMMENTS ARE AWESOME.


So, as I implore you all to understand that there is a difference between CrossFit and The CrossFit Games. (Like, really, they are totally separate legal entities. And what they do out there is NOT the same thing that we do at gyms like Rocket anyway.)

BUT, let the community speak for itself. Because it has spoken, clearly.

BEHOLD, against all odds, a comments section that will restore your faith in humanity. This is just a series of screen captures off of the CrossFit Games Instagram feed.




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