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About Alyssa

Alyssa Royse is a writer, entrepreneur, mother, friend and something of a firebrand.  She does, thinks about, talks about and writes about lots of  things. Pretty much anything, actually.

Random Biographical Info:

  • She lives in Seattle, where she was primarily raised.
  • She has a 15 year-old daughter and was married to a wonderful man for 15 years before they decided they were really better off as friends.
  • She is married to the man of her dreams, who happens to be a firefighter and a CrossFit trainer. He has 2 young daughters, who they now help raise, along with their lesbian mothers. (Turkey baster, since you were probably going to ask.)
  • She is also a CrossFit trainer, at a gym that she and her husband own.
  • She LOVES writing and speaking about the empowering nature of fitness. And the completely messed-up relationship media has to body shape and size. Although she loves the “power” side of fitness, she’s much more inspired by the “empowering” aspects of it.
  • She is trained by the Department of Education to teach the FLASH (Sex Ed) curriculum in schools, but really prefers helping both parents and kids think about human sexuality as part of a healthy life, in private settings – small groups or private conversations.
  • She studied playwrighting and acting, which she was very good at, but only when she chose to be. She also studied anthropology, which she was very good at, always.
  • She has one sister, a mother, a father, 3 step-fathers, 2 cats, 8 chickens and about 50,000 bees.
  • She was the host of Sexxx Talk Radio, on the Progressive Radio Network. Although she took the show off the air (too much work and no pay,) you can still listen to it on PRN, or download it on iTunes. It was awesome. Not really about sex, as in, “how to.” It was more about sexuality and politics, as in “let people do their own thing and stop shaming and hurting each other.”
  • Now, she writes and speaks almost entirely about gender issues, especially as they relate to body image and fitness.

Random Trivia:

  • She is a fitness freak, despite having a badly broken neck that should have killed or paralyzed her.
  • She started this blog because she writes ALL THE TIME. She also writes biz comm stuff for corporate clients, and tons of emails to her coaching clients. Really, she just loves to write. A lot. A whole lot.
  • She is a rabid crafty / cooky homestyle person. Ma Ingalls and Martha Steward aint’ got nothin’ on her made-from-scratch, homegrown, turn-lemons-into-lemonade and turn-that scrap-into-art lifestyle.
  • She sleeps with earplugs, an eye-mask and a pillow over her head. (Socks, a hat and jammies, when it’s cold.)
  • She has long forgotten what her natural hair color is. Her eyes are hazel.
  • She owns more colorful wigs than anyone you know, and loves to wear them – mostly because it means she’s probably wearing a costume and doing something very fun.
  • She believes that Led Zeppelin is the best band ever in history and won’t even bother debating it because it is so obviously true. (She wrote about that too.)

*Since people have been asking….  No, I do not make any money on this blog, and I don’t really intend to.  I am passionate about my mission and believe that it will support me as I support it. If you want to “donate” to my cause, I’d love it. I live simply, and with great support from my family. But I do have a WISH LIST on if you want to thank me with the things I love and would never indulge in myself.

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