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Why do you want to contact Alyssa?

If you want to talk about personal coaching, I’m all ears. My approach is unconventional, I’ve been referred to as the best friend you wished you had, and what a really sweet drill-sergeant would be like. I will get all up in your business, leaving no stone un-turned. Love, sex, diet, exercise, family, career. I listen like it matters, because it does, and then give you lots of homework as we develop a plan to get you unstuck.

If you want me to write for you, let me know. I am available to write articles about anything that interests me – and you can get an idea of what interests my by thumbing through my blog.

If you want me to speak, let me know. I very much enjoy public speaking, do a lot of it, and am comfortable speaking about entrepreneurship, social change, motherhood, sexuality and anything else that interests me.

You can email me at: alyssaroyse – at – But I may take a while to respond.

You can follow me on Twitter @alyssaroyse

– You can find me on Facebook. No, I do not accept friend requests from people I don’t know, it’s nothing personal. HOWEVER, Facebook Messages are probably the best way to send me a message. And yes, you can subscribe to my Facebook posts, which I am told are very entertaining.

Don’t call me. I HATE THE PHONE. I ignore it like I ignore Glenn Beck.

EVERYTHING ON THIS SITE IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT. Please do not steal my words. If you want to quote me, fine.  If you want to reprint, in its entirety, anything on this site, please ask. I will either say yes, or propose that I write something original that meets your needs.

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